Rules Of The Game

COERCEO is a board game played between two players, who alternate moves. The objective of the game is to remove all of the opponent’s playing pieces from the board. You capture the opponent’s pieces by enclosing them with two (on the edge of the board) or three (in the middle of the board) of your own pieces. A player is free to either capture a piece or not.

In the starting position each player has 18 playing pieces. One player has the black pieces on the black fields, the other player has the white pieces on the white fields. In one turn a piece can move one field diagonally, only to a vacant field.  

A board tile is taken from the board and collected by a player when the last playing piece is removed from that tile
and the tile is positioned at the edge of the board. Tile collecting and the timing of exchanging it for an opponent's piece is an important part of a players strategy.

COERCEO has few basic game rules for casual play that can be learned in just a couple of minutes. The latest version of the game rules can be obtained by downloading (clicking) on the game rules link. For variations on the game and on gameplay click here!

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